It was another late, late night among many for Kenney Moore, founder and CEO of Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries. The year was 1993. But on this night everything changed.

Feeling low, reeking of onions and grease and worried about bills and the well-being of his family, Kenney heard a still, small voice in his head whisper: “It’s not about you”. Frustrated, struggling to understand why hard work and passion wasn’t enough to put him over the top, Kenney listened to that voice and it flipped his world upside down.

Kenney began pouring his prodigious energy into his guests and associates before worrying about himself. He came last. And like powerful white magic, great things started to happen and continue to this day. The Hwy 55 team’s 25-year journey is well documented in the book, “Behind the Drive”, co-authored by Kenney and writer Brandon Sneed.

Hwy 55 makes fantastic food. So do many others. So what’s responsible for the explosive growth of recent years? How do you build a team of thousands with an almost evangelical zeal to serve guests great hand-crafted fresh meals made to order day after day? And strive for each associate to become the best person they can be? Well when it’s no longer all about you amazing things can and continue to happen.

So what makes Hwy 55 a special place? Simple: people and service. Two concepts rooted in a company culture devoted to making the dining experience delightful for guests. That’s everyone’s goal at Hwy 55. Each day better than the next; each meal served fast, hot and tasty.

WOW. We’ve discovered the secrets to taking care of our people and in turn they shower our guests with smiles, great food and a “come see us again” attitude in everything they do.

We’re on a growth tear with over 1,000 locations operating or under development. Primarily based in the Southeastern states, we’re ready for national and international expansion. A proven business model (25 + years of constant improvement) sits ready for execution in the right hands.

Same-store restaurant sales are rising in an era of restaurant closings and sales declines. What’s different with us? It’s the WOW. Treat people well, serve a great meal and show sincere interest in your guests. We sum it up as ‘Love Your Neighbor’. It’s impossible to ‘love your neighbor’ if “it’s all about you”. That how every associate up and down the line makes Hwy 55 a special place to dine in its local communities.

If your heart works that way too, you’d fit in here. We work hard, love our neighbors and are deeply ingrained in each of our local communities. Join us.