When it comes to promoting your Hwy 55 restaurant in your local community, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you deeply immerse yourself in the community and drive brand recognition through traditional, online as well as community relations programs, all designed to create a preference for Hwy 55.

To fund these traffic-generating programs, all franchisees contribute 1% of their gross sales. We’ve discovered that becoming part of the communities we serve is the real secret sauce of investing advertising and marketing dollars effectively. You won’t see us doing “ego advertising,” which doesn’t do anything to boost your restaurant sales. We favor effective, targeted and innovative approaches.

National Promotions

You’ll receive everything you need to launch creative limited-time offers — seasonal, holiday and local market themed. You’ll be supported with complete in-store materials, a loyalty program and online and traditional advertising.

Local Restaurant Marketing Solutions

We’ll show you how running targeted promotions is a better long-term strategy than more expensive broadcast strategies used by competitors. We’ve tested and refined our approaches and are confident of the benefits franchisees receive.

Our experienced, in-house creative team writes and produces all your local marketing material. So you’ll know that your local marketing investment isn’t coming from someplace that doesn’t understand the Hwy 55 brand.

You’ll get complete marketing assistance from the Hwy 55 team, whether you’re opening a new restaurant, putting up a billboard on a busy road, training your local brand ambassadors, sponsoring a kid’s night or planning any of the dozens of local market promotional ideas waiting for you.

You’ll also benefit from our years of experience creating partnerships with area schools, religious institutions, athletic programs and local businesses.

Your First 180 Days

The first 180-days of a new restaurant launch can make your head spin. Here’s a list of training topics that’ll help you ease into your new venture. Remember, we’ve operated restaurants like yours for over 25 years, so it’s likely that your questions have been answered countless time. The answers await in your first 180-Day Book.

Online Marketing via Hwy55.com

When you launch, you’ll receive your own customizable local web page and become findable via local search, social media and location finder services. You’ll be coached on how to allocate your local advertising funds across a number of different traditional and online advertising channels, such as social media, so you can find the right audience for the Hwy 55 restaurant experience.

All franchisees can easily order promotional items such as stationary, menus and local promotion materials online. Franchisees also benefit from our online corporate partnerships with Yelp, Facebook, Google, and the hiring website Indeed. We consistently run digital ads on each site.

New Restaurant Opening Support

Launching a successful Hwy 55 restaurant requires meticulous planning to deliver a great guest experience starting on Day One. Fortunately it’s not our first rodeo. Everything you need to do and think about has been carefully documented for your execution. And we’ll walk you through every step.

You’ll work with dedicated personnel to find the best location for your restaurant. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about business systems, financial controls and sales and marketing systems that will become second nature. Our online operational manual will give you quick access to answer immediate “how to” questions as you get up and running.

Your launch team will show you the ropes on staff hiring and development, training and motivational programs. All these classes are delivered in both classroom and on-site settings.