Are you ready?

  • Do you have at least $500,000 available for investment?
  • Do you have food industry experience?
  • Do you want to build a team of motivated franchisees?
  • Do you want to inspire young people to achieve ownership of their own restaurant?

Large Geographic Regions Available

As a Hwy 55 Area Developer, you’ll assume responsibility for a large region, often an entire state. You’ll assist your franchisees in site selection, construction, training and operational support.

As an Area Developer, you’ll open a flagship restaurant in your region as your representational standard and for use as a local training center. You could open and operate additional restaurants as well, and/or sell franchises to other investors.

An Area Developer’s development area is determined by taking the population of a region and dividing that by 100,000. You collect all fees, keep your portion and send the rest to the Hwy 55 home office.

A Practical Example for a Multi-unit Agreement*

First restaurant franchise fee: $25,000,
2nd restaurant franchise fee: $20,000
Additional restaurants franchise fee: $15,000

If you sold three restaurants, your franchisee would pay $25,000 for the first location and a $12,500 deposit for each of the other two restaurants for a total of $50,000.

You keep half, or $25,000. When your franchisee’s agreement for the second restaurant is signed, your franchisee would pay you a balance due of $7,500 (split 50/50), and when their third restaurant franchise agreement is signed, there would be a balance due of $2,500 (also split 50/50).

You’d also retain a large portion of the ongoing royalty fees for the restaurants opened in your territory.

Currently royalties are 5% of gross sales (less sales tax) and 1% for marketing. You’d collect the 6% on the 25th of each month. You’d keep 3.5%, and send 2.5% to the Hwy 55 home office.

Of the 2.5% we draft, you’ll have access to one-half percent of those funds for marketing in your region. Another one-half percent is allocated to National Marketing.

The Finances*

Locations in Agreement: $5,000 each
Franchise Fees: Half
Royalties: 6% (5% of gross sales; 1% for marketing).

Single Restaurant Example*

Franchise fee: $25,000

Half to Area Developer: $12,500
Minus paid-in investment fee: $ 5,000
Area Developer Gross Profit: $ 7,500

When you open your own restaurants as an Area Developer, yout franchise fee is only $12,500 paid to Hwy 55.

Training and Support

Hwy 55 home office training support consists of three days of classroom training in our corporate training facility and one week of hands on experience at one of our flagship restaurants. You are encouraged to spend as much time as possible working in our locatins to help ensure you feel confidence and comfortable with our operations prior to your location opening. Members of our staff will be on hand in your area for the week prior to opening your first location.

We’d also be with you for the week following the opening and will always be available to support you as needed. 

Of course, as your interest builds, we’d like you to visit us. It’s important we get to know each other and invest time to help you understand Hwy 55 in detail.

You’ll tour our home office, meet our staff, as well as our CEO and Founder, Kenney Moore. You’ll visit a nearby restaurant, where you can sample our menu.

During your visit, we’ll give you a detailed explanation of how our systems work, including our backend software that offers associate training for every position within the restaurant. You’ll see every support system that’ll allow you to run your area in the most efficient and profitable manner possible.

* Fees for international locations will be different