…for One or More Restaurants*

The decision to invest, build and run one or more restaurants is a significant milestone in a life. Hwy 55 has a strong track record of guiding both newcomers and those with restaurant industry experience, including over 50 franchisees who started working     at Hwy 55 as minimum wage associates.

Franchise Agreement Term: 10 years, including two five-year renewals You won’t pay any additional fees if you choose to renew Royalty: 5% of Gross Sales (less sales tax) Franchise Fee (Single Restaurant): $25,000

Investment Range per Restaurant*

Approximately $196,855 to $396,055 per location. These estimates are based on over 25 years of experience operating Hwy 55 restaurants. They include your franchise fees and are primarily dependent on your restaurant location, size and the build-out of each location.

* Fees for international locations will be different

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Hwy 55 Franchisee Satisfaction Survey 2018 Results

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Multiple Restaurants*

Your franchise fee is calculated on a sliding scale depending on the number of restaurants you wish to develop. First Restaurant: Total $25,000, plus deposits for your second and third restaurants

Second Restaurant: Total $20,000 (Terms: $12,500 deposit; $7,500 balance upon signing)   Third Restaurant: Total $15,000 (Terms: $12,500 deposit; $2,500 balance upon signing)

Three Restaurant Example*

Your franchise fees would look like this:

  • Upfront fees and deposits: $50,000 due upon agreement signing
  • Due upon signing second and third agreements: $10,000
  • Average franchisee fee for 3 restaurants: $20,000 each

Note: Initial training for up to 3 people per restaurant is included in the above fees

Marketing Fees*

National Marketing Fee: 1% of Gross Sales (less sales tax). Local Community Marketing: Recommend an investment of an incremental 2% of Gross Sales (less sales tax)

Single Store Initial Investment*