Guest Loyalty and Gift cards Drive Repeat Traffic

Welcome to My Hwy 55, an innovative guest loyalty program that now boasts 200,000 members. Members receive offers via email, text or right in their mobile app…all designed to drive incremental restaurant visits.

Research shows that on average, loyalty members will visit at least 5-7 more times in a given year than they would otherwise. In 2015, loyalty transactions totaled 15% of all transactions at Hwy 55, making our loyalty program one of the most active and profitable in our industry.

Given the program’s cost per restaurant, it’s one of the most effective business builders in the Hwy 55 marketing arsenal. Member points are awarded based on how much a guest spends. Rewards can be redeemed directly through a member’s mobile app.

Because every transaction can be tracked and measured we know precisely how well it works. We’ve seen double figure same restaurant sales growth in participating restaurants. Over 1 million restaurant visits can be traced to this single program.

Both mobile text messages and emails surprise members and incentivize them to choose lunch at Hwy 55. We see 5-8% conversion rates on national promotions and the program never sleeps; 24/7, 365 days a year. My Hwy 55 program tracking capabilities integrate with the Hwy 55 Point of Sale system, enabling points to be awarded and transactions analyzed without the inconvenience of capturing scanned bar codes off receipts.

Restaurant operators and area developers can use the program’s powerful reporting features to analyze transaction data to answer questions about these most valuable guests, allowing their marketing strategies to be adjusted and targeted accordingly.