For a Servant Leadership philosophy, associates must understand the types of behaviors that lead to outstanding guest experiences. It’s up to us to show them the way, so when an occasion presents itself, the “right” response or action is instinctive.

That framework is built around ‘Moments of Truth’. We’ve invested a great deal of time and energy to identify what we can do to become our guest’s preferred dining destination. It’s what makes us very different from the four or five competitors within a mile or less of our restaurants.

Because our philosophy states that people are not to be controlled and managed, but instead cultivated, nurtured and taught to grow within our system, we prefer to manage our ‘moments of truth’.

There are moments of truth for everyone at Hwy 55.

Here are some examples of ‘moments of truth’ that govern associate behavior in our restaurants.

These are just simple statements and attitudes but they can open the door to a different and better guest experience. Because  if all we do is take orders, cook and serve food and present a bill, then what’ve we really done to deliver that WOW experience? We have to be better to earn that next visit.

Helping front line associates understand where these types of opportunities are in that 30-45 minutes a guest spends with us sets a positive guest impression about Hwy 55 that no amount of advertising can replace.

That’s our leadership mission every day.