Franchise Owners Benefit from Lower Buildout Costs with Free-Standing Drive-Thru Restaurant Design

Franchise owners can now realize lower buildout costs with our first stand-alone restaurant design. It’s a hybrid model that accommodates sit-down full-service dining along with window-service for people that just want something great to eat and be on their way.

The new design allows our franchise owners to double their cooking production, enabling each restaurant to serve 50% more guests during busy times. Not only does the restaurant design reflect our 1950’s diner heritage, but guests continue to receive full service at a quick service price point.

This evolution will locate us nearer our competitors situated in similar buildings. The good news is a Hwy 55 restaurant will now be more visible to consumers. That’s especially helpful in states and local communities that are new to Hwy 55 as we continue our nationwide expansion.

The first of these new restaurants will open in Ennis, TX in Q3 2019.