Once you’re up and running, you’ll continue to enjoy a wide array of ongoing support services from both your Area Developer (if identified in your franchise agreement) and the Hwy 55 home office. We’re flexible and provide field support at your location or simply access to subject matter experts on the management and operation staff. We also offer ongoing training programs for you and your staff.

Initial Training

Your initial training includes a 3-day Leadership program at our Home Office for up to three people and a minimum of one week in store training. Once your build out is complete, you’ll receive 10 days of onsite training at your new restaurant. And to get you started right, our vendors provide each new restaurant with about $10,000 worth of free food, to be used for training and marketing purposes.

Inventory Program and Accountability

Your in-store inventory system will automatically monitor inventory and trigger food orders so you operate efficiently day after day. The system tracks sales, waste, transfers, deliveries, and adjustments, with up to the minute reporting.

Continuing Education

Education and learning is continuous at Hwy 55. There are numerous programs for your cooks and wait staff. Management participates in quarterly educational programs and meetings at the home office or online. Plus you’ll receive regular updates on a wide variety of management and operational issues via Facebook Workplace. Associates will be encouraged to participate in inspirational and motivational programs throughout the year. And any training or operational resources are easily found on our robust company-wide Intranet.

Your ongoing education takes advantage of three tools: Hiring Manager, Learn Upon, & When I Work. These resources are accessible from any Internet connection. Each covers the areas identified below: