Kenney Moore realized something early in his career. When you’re manning an open grill, you can greet everyone who walks in. You can chat with guests sitting at the counter. You can cook a family their meals fresh, right in front of them, and they can watch the care you put into doing so.

And isn’t that what restaurants are supposed to be like, neighbors bonding together over great service and tasty food?

Today, we have over 130 of those open-grill diners across the southeastern United States and internationally, but their missions are the same as Kenney’s when he first opened the doors in 1991: to deliver authentic hospitality and fresh food to anyone who wants a little something more out of their dining experience.

Real Estate Criteria

Potential restaurant sites will be considered based on a combination of factors.

We assist new franchisees with ArcGIS, a software program used to help pinpoint optimum locations. We’re able to find where your future guests live and eat, and put your restaurant in a place likely to reach them.

Your restaurant can be a stand-alone, in-line or (preferably) end-cap location: 2,000 – 2,400 sq. ft., plus our formats can accommodate needs-based locations such as large merchandisers and grocers.

Of course, ample parking is a must, so guests can pop in, have a great meal and get back to it quickly.

You’ll be supported in real estate and site selection, establishing vendor relationships, introducing specialized products and working with dedicated distribution partners

You’ll leverage two layers of support. Each territory has an Area Developer who is your primary source of support. The home office will be there to create and deliver top-notch training, pre-opening and field support, ongoing advice, guidance and counsel.

We’re particularly proud of our long-standing commitments to research and development to maintain best-in-class products, services, training and branding in our local communities.

You’ll find Hwy 55 restaurants in a variety of locations, from shopping malls, to shopping centers with high-end grocers and/or department restaurants. We’re in strip centers, and we have some freestanding locations.

We help you find locations with good visibility, a steady traffic flow, and if it’s a strip center we’d like to have the end cap so we can incorporate a pick-up window. We’ll help you design a functional, good-looking, and cost-efficient restaurant.

Hwy 55 restaurants work extremely well in more rural areas, and on the outskirts of bigger cities — places where we can stand out and really become a focal point in the community.

Our full-service format separates Hwy 55 from our fast casual competitors by offering our service-oriented philosophy to our customers oncluding dine-in, carry-out, window pick-up, even catering in your local community.

Long work hours come with the territory and Hwy 55 is no exception. However our family hours allow for a life outside of the restaurant. Our regular hours of operation are…Sunday to Thursday 11am – 9pm and Friday & Saturday 11am -10pm.