What You Can Expect at Each Stage

Thanks for your interest in exploring the opportunities available with Hwy 55. Below is an overview of our franchisee recruitment process along with brief descriptions of what you can expect. Our team looks forward to learning more about you and sharing our story.

Stage One: Introductory Call

We’ll start learning about each other. At the end of this call, you’ll know whether to continue on or look for another opportunity.

Stage Two: Your Request for Consideration

Here you’ll be asked to complete an application stating your good faith intention to pursue more detailed business discussions with Hwy 55. The application carries no legal obligation, but is a sign of good faith of your sincere interest.

Stage Three: Call with Your Area Developer

Assuming your interest is in an area already under development, you’ll speak with the leader of that organization, who will provide your primary level of support. Should you join the Hwy 55 family, it’s an opportunity to talk with of this leader, who will have a strong vested interest in assuring your success.

Stage Four: Your Territory Discussion

You’ll clarify your franchise territory areas of interest based on market size and required investment. These area(s) will be incorporated into your Franchise Owner Agreement.

Stage Five: Franchise Disclosure Document & Your Franchise Owner Agreement

You’ll receive these two documents for review and discussion. This stage is spent answering your questions so you’re entirely comfortable with everything in these two documents.

Stage Six: Your Confirmation Day

You’ll be invited to spend a day with us visiting stores and our Home Office in North Carolina. Be prepared for highly interactive day filled with informational sessions and restaurant visits. It’s a day to confirm your intent to join the Hwy 55 family, meet many of the firm’s leaders and immerse yourself in a day of all things Hwy 55.

Stage Seven: Sign Your Franchise Owner Agreement & Schedule Training

Welcome to the family. We’ll get you squared away, start talking about site selection and moving forward together. Congratulations.