The time is right to accelerate our United States expansion to all regions and grow our International footprint as well. Our Hwy 55 Plan provides new franchisees with a highly stable format from which to launch, grow and expand market territories under their control.

The restaurant market is well established and very competitive. You can expect to compete in your market with locally-owned businesses, as well as with national and regional chains, that offer menu selections featuring hamburgers, cheeseburgers, cheesesteaks, hot dogs, french fries and other American-style food products.

Casual and fast-casual dining restaurant concepts compete on the basis of many factors, such as price, service, product quality, location, promotions and marketing programs. These businesses are often affected by other factors as well, such as changes in consumer taste, economic conditions, seasonal population fluctuation, and travel patterns.

Hwy 55 people cook and serve fantastic food, but it’s the dining experience they deliver that keeps them coming back. The smiles, thank-you, and the “how ya doin’” to a regular are the simple things given willingly each and every day by a cadre of highly trained and motivated associates. Our cultural mantra “it’s not about you” governs who gets hired and makes us a preferred destination for a quality meal and experience in the local communities we serve.

Other competitive advantages franchisees should expect include…

Valuable Resources

We support our franchisees in real estate and site selection, we help to establish vendor relationships, create specialized products, and build dedicated distribution partners.

Advanced Support

We have two layers of support. Each territory has a Master Franchisee who is your primary source of support. Of course, our home office is always available to provide our franchisees access to top-notch training, pre-opening and field support, ongoing advice, guidance and counsel.

Continual Research and Development (R&D)

Our commitment to ongoing R&D helps to maintain best-in-class products, services, training and branding in our market segment.