As we expand across the United States, we look carefully at several factors we know play a key role in a franchisee or area developer’s success. They are:

  • A commitment to quality food & customer service
  • Strong business experience
  • Restaurant industry know-how

While not solely determinative of a candidate’s abilities to be successful at Hwy 55 they are all highly correlated with our successful current franchisees and area developers.

We’ve boiled down the attributes needed to thrive in the Hwy 55 family below:


Long work hours require energy. Your upbeat personality keeps you positive. Energy franchisees are early risers and are ready to attack their day. These folks are convinced long hours need not be negative, but instead represent opportunities to grow their businesses.


Energize describes the crew of a location. The best leaders inspire and motivate associates to accomplish great levels of productivity and customer service. To energize a staff, you must talk the talk and walk the walk the Hwy 55 Way. You don’t simply tell a crew what to do. You explain why. Your own actions and work ethic serve as a shining example.


Edge means confronting problems head on, without hesitation. It means speaking directly and holding people accountable. If improvement isn’t forthcoming, then termination, while difficult is the right action to take for the rest of your crew. Edge behavior makes you the boss and not just a friend or one of the gang.


First, you’re a team player. As a crew or team leader you must lead the execution of the Hwy 55 Plan and look for areas of constant improvement. Execute is taking our Hwy 55 Plan and making it happen in a specific timeframe. The Hwy 55 Plan is a proven pathway to success with over 25 years of refinement. It works.